Wednesday, September 25, 2013


If we could reach that massive point in time 
when we shall know for certain that 
our journey here has made a final stop

and in some way reel in the flow of life 
and from that soaring pinnacle 
look back to now

when we can live and love 
and walk and breathe and 
sing and talk and act,

and then come back 
remembering what we'd seen,
no longer lost inside the crashing now

and now of wave borne history, 
caught in a fractured compound eye 
a shattered image of a breaking time

then with that timeless sight
we'd live each precious heartbeat 
out with fierce intensity

to drink the music of the sky
study the winding ivy on the branch 
live the excitement of the water in the stream

dance to the rhythms of the wave 
and learn to live in such a way 
that joy is everywhere.

(C) Richard Lawson

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