Saturday, October 05, 2013

Apply a carbon tax while we debate the best way to control carbon

Over at the Independent 
they are discussing the use of carbon markets to control CO2 emissions. My 2p:

There are a bewildering number of competing solutions to the carbon problem. 
We could easily spend from here until 2100 debating which is the most perfect solution.  
So - let us at least apply the simplest solution, the carbon tax, while the debate is going on. The tax is applied to carbon content of fuel, and its revenues are hypothecated to energy conservation,renewable energy and poverty relief. 
This latter is necessary because carbon taxes bear most heavily on the poor. 

This way is reasonable and beneficial to all except the fossil fuel producers, but let's face it, their opposition, and that of their sock puppets, is a given. 

We just have to get used to the noise they generate.

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