Thursday, October 24, 2013

Fuel levies - another Cameron fail

In spite of the unsurpassable excellence of the blog post I put up a few days ago about Green Levies on fuel bills, a purple-faced Dave has decided to take an axe both to his vote-blue-go-green claim and also to "green taxes" on fuel bills. This rather rather than take John Major's advice on a windfall tax on the energy companies.

Why? Presumably because the Murdoch/Mail/Telegraph axis has set its sights on "green taxes", and Cameron is set to show them who is the boss. They are.  

Government by tabloid editor. Kakistocracy.

I'm not too fussed about removing energy levies - so long as they are replaced from general taxation.
If Cameron just kills the subsidy to energy conservation and renewables, then he is despicability personified, if not worse. He is stinkier than a dacre on the sole of your shoe, more unpleasant than a massive osborne that you just cannot flush away.

Energy taxation is simple. We need a carbon tax on the carbon content of fuel, to make fossil fuels more expensive and renewable fuels less expensive. We need a special finite fuel tax on uranium &c because they are finite and will run out. The proceeds from these taxes should be directed
(a) to energy conservation and
(b) to renewables and
(c) to helping those in fuel poverty to cope.

Honestly. Cameron should have stayed with his PR job.


weggis said...

U bend if you want to ...

Richard Lawson said...

...the osborne's not for flushing.