Thursday, October 31, 2013

Green Wage - la lutte continua

The debate over Green Wage Subsidy continues on the Green Party members website. This is my contribution today.

We are in politics to make change. We are making progress as a party but it is agonisingly slow. At the same time, our efforts, and the efforts of thousands of like minded people outside the Party, people in other parties and in NGOs and in other walks of life, are moving things slowly towards sustainablilty. Again, progress is slow, but it is happening.

GWS will be another step towards the goal. Not a silver bullet that makes everything magically OK, but a helper. It is a pragmatic yet principled step that moves us not just towards a happier society (since unemployment and inequality will be reduced) but also towards a sustainable economy.

Some will have difficulty with  GWS because it is not quite perfect. Because it is not full Citizens Income, or not full localism, or not perfect socialism, or because it does not stop the exploitation of child labour in Asia, or because it does not stop the slaughter of Minke whales, or because it does not address one or more of 1001 other serious problems.

I accept all these criticisms.  GWS is not perfect. But as far as I can see it is a major step away from one totally irrational aspect of the present benefit system, the aspect that puts a block in the way of people getting off the dole and into work, and at the same time it exerts a powerful greening effect on the economy. And for this reason I will continue to fight for it within the Green Party and outside of he Green Party, out there in the real world.

I hope that any Green Party members reading this will read up on GWS, will join in the debate on the members website, will vote for GWS in the prioritisation ballot, and go to Green Party Conference In Spring 2014 ready to support GWS in what looks as if it is going to be a major debate. Thanks.

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Mark W said...

Where is this debate going on exactly please Richard? I always have a very hard time finding my way around the members' part of the site :)