Saturday, October 05, 2013

Just Unlock that Door

George Osborne: Why do you go to foodbanks?
Little People : We have no £ to buy food in the shop
GO: Then get a job
LP : There are no jobs 
GO: I have made lots of jobs
LP:  Then make some more
GO: More jobs will come, you'll see
LP: We need them now.
GO: I cannot make your jobs today
LP: You can though if you let us work
GO: I do want you to work.
      The Market will provide.

LP: But your rules stop us.
We see a world of work out there
undone, a whole world sick and ill, for want of work. 

A job for each and every one of us, that's what we want.

And we can see them also, out there, undone and crying out.
That broken window, that crumbling post, that patch of rust, all of them crying out. 

For crying out loud, George can you not SEE what we can see?
Can you not see that broken roof, that gutter spouting down the wall?   

Your great Free Market's failed,
failed us, failed the whole world, failed everyone except
the masters that you serve.

So it is up to you to mend your market now, or go. 

We see the work that's needed. We see the need for food, and warmth, water and safety. 

We see the works undone, and we will see them done.

But First! You change the rules.

Pick up that key, the one called Earnings Disregard, and open up the gate. 

Give us the freedom to take up work,
good work that warms our homes and gives us food.

We'll be a workers army who without violence will see to it
that our home and street is fed and warm and cared for.

Just unlock the door.

Osborne : Give me a while to think.

Little People: Come back within a month.

(C) Richard Lawson 5 October 2013

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