Sunday, January 05, 2014

To IAEA: no confidence in TEPCO

I have sent this to You can too.

Dear IAEA official

As an ordinary member of the public, I wish to make it clear that I have no confidence in the ability of TEPCO to manage the disaster at Fukushima Daichi.

I have no confidence in TEPCO's transparency, integrity or competence.

I believe that the International Atomic Energy Authority should take over the ultimate responsibility for managing the disaster, and that it should provide adequate resources by placing a levy on the profits of each and every nuclear power company in existence.

I believe that the IAEA should review the radiation risks to all concerned, especially the Fukushima workforce, but also the risks to all peple in Japan and also adjoining countries, including remote countries.
The risk assessment should not be confined to external irradiation, but must include those from ingested radioactive particles, and the risks from eating fish from the Pacific.
There must be an ongoing radiation monitoring programme. The IAEA will publish its comprehensive findings and in depth, with summaries that are comprehensible to journalists and ordinary people.

Most importantly, the IAEA must review the attempts that have been made to contain the radiation on the Fukushima Daichi site, and examine and implement radical alternatives to end emissions from the site by air and water, including the possibility of burial.

I look forward to your response.


Dr Richard Lawson

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