Friday, February 07, 2014

What do we do when the Gagging Law comes in?

The hated, anti-democratic Gagging Law kicks in from September 2014, raising the question of  "What do we do next?"

One response it to get all NGOs to join together in a deliberate, well-thought out act of civil disobedience.

Some infringement that just steps over the line, making it difficult for them to prosecute.

As for instance, a mass demonstration of NGO supporters outside Conservative (and LibDem) Party offices in London and elsewhere, in every town, carrying banners that suggest the NGO name (as in 38 degxxxx, Friends of the Eaxxx) and all gagged with duct tape.

One day after the act becomes law, maybe?

Or alternatively, NGO members could all just join/campaign for the Green Party...

Just a suggestion.

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