Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Get some glasses, Ref(erendum)

I see the matter of a referendum on the EU is in the news again. Democracy generally is a great idea, and referendums are great too, but for the system to work, it does presuppose that the public are well informed about the issues. The sad fact is that two our of every three newspaper readers in the UK are getting their information from a right of centre source and only one in three gets it from a left of centre source. In short, our information is biased.

I know someone who worked for the News of the World (R.I.P.) She said she noticed press releases from the Green party among the armfuls of faxes she was carrying to the bin.

She told me, very kindly, that if the Green Party wants to save trees, it should start by not bothering to send faxes to papers like the NoTW. They just were not, ever, going to get noticed or used.

It's called "living in a stacked deck".

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