Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Frankenstein's on the Other Side

Did you see on the news?
That Nigel Farage 
May well manage
To become an MP.
Seems there's a constituency going free.

Is it an outrage
That Mr Farage
And his entourage
Have been larged-up by the BBC,
And being given many pages
Of Daily Mail comment rages,
Setting out the thoughts 
That are Mr Farage's?

Now the papers are wondering who
This thing, they've created,
this "Farage"
really is. 
Man? Or mirage?

(One thing's for sure:
Farage is like a 
basking shark.
Large mouth. )

Someone should ask
How did he get this far so fast
Like a lawyer called to the bar without a test

Or like a smooth best man
Farage seems set
To get a kiss from anyone of voting age 
In unprecedented electoral marriage
Made in Wapping.
How does he manage this? This Mr Farrage is
As confident as the owner of Claridges.

The reason he's succeeded is, maybe
That he flies into rages
And to stop him from getting too peevy
His friends make sure Farage is 
                                                    always on TV.

Whatever. I'm bored with politics. 
Where's the remote. What's s this?
Ah, Frankenstein, too good to miss...

Richard Lawson
29 April 2014

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