Sunday, April 06, 2014

How to get Maria Miller to resign.

The Maria Miller affair may prove to be the straw that breaks the camel's back. Our patience with this wretched Cameron Government has been stretched to its limit, but Miller's inability to learn, her greed, her arrogance, her graceless "apology", the double standards applied to her in contrast to the severe treatment of benefits claimants who make a mistake,  all these sum up the complete detachment from reality showed by this Tory Government.

The appropriate response is a nationwide series of flash-mobs to be held outside local Tory party offices in towns nationwide.

  • Times to be chosen by local groups, but weekends are best - more activists, and more problems for the police. 
  • Assemble outside in your running shoes, with whistles, tin pots (symbolising the nature of the Government). Get noisy. 
  • When the police arrive - RUN. (Who wants to get kettled?) 
  • Scatter, mingle with the shoppers. 
  • Keep the place under surveillance. 
  • When the police get bored and go away, form flash-mob again. 
  • Repeat process until we get bored, the police run out of money, or Marie Miller resigns.



Ghost Whistler said...

Sadly she's not going to resign and there's no compulsion on her to do so. If the vibe in westminster is that she only has to pay 10% of what she erroneously claimed - money she acquired for no good reason - then she's in the clover. That her fellow tories are on her side says it all. Their position has become sadly unassailable until next year.

And I bet pounds to pennies she has a lot of support back in her constituency. She won't be going anytime soon, though I would love to be wrong!

Richard Lawson said...

Loving it, Ghost Whistler. But shes has still got away with daylight robbery. fled Texamos

Richard Lawson said...

Just been on BBC Radio Somerset talking abt #MariaMiller. Yes I feel let down, yes it's good she's gone, but she's still MP, still got £39K, still out of jail. My suggestion for reform of MP expenses system:

Ghost Whistler said...

There's no consequences for MP's in this system, and it seems to be a system they all 'fall foul' of so easily. Her resignation doesn't really mean an awful lot, she's still a serving MP, just not in cabinet.

If the system is so obscure that these poor confused politicians end up in the wrong so often then something has to change. The real problem isn't effecting change, it's the will to do so.

lee woo said...

What goes around comes around. See the link below for more info.


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lee woo said...

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