Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Why does child abuse by VIPaedophiles matter?

There is clear evidence that allegations of child sexual abuse by VIPs - MPs, Cabinet Ministers, Civil Servants and others - were covered up by police, the CPS, and others in power.

I have collected 16 examples cover-ups here, and other failures are headlined here including failures of the police.

A democracy needs honesty and transparency in order to function fully.

If the political establishment has at its heart a group of people who are determined to prevent the truth about their activities from coming out, democracy cannot function correctly.

If the individual is repressing a memory or event, repression will also occur in other areas of the psyche. Similarly, repression of truth regarding paedophile activity will also impact on other areas where truth needs to come out. Repression creates a habit and culture of repression.

Many of the children in "care homes" who were abused were put there by force of law. The State took over the role of parent, and then failed signally to discharge its responsibilities. The State - our State - has done wrong. It needs to make amends.

Therefore it behoves us all to familiarise ourselves with the whole sorry field of child sexual abuse in care homes, by MPs and others, and do what we can to press for justice on the victims and to secure policy changes that will make a repeat of this less likely.

Please visit vipcsa.wikidot.com and get familiar with this awful story. Please press your MP to take an interest in it,.

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