Friday, August 29, 2014

Guardian letter about Rotherham: one of 43 cases where truth suppressed

Wahey! Got a letter in today's Guardian.
They cut it down a bit. This is what I sent them:

In the Jay Inquiry report on Rotherham (Failures led to sexual abuse of 1400 children, p1, 27.08.14) we read that a 2002 report was "effectively suppressed" by senior police.

This raises the total number of cover-ups and obstructions to bringing child abusers to justice up to 43 (forty three).

The Jennings inquiry was all but boycotted by North Wales police. Detectives have been pulled from cases when they were getting close to VIPs. Both the Waterhouse and Kincora Inquies were given restricted remits. MP's concerns were ignored; the list goes on and on.

Even now, the Crown Prosecution Service is refusing even to discuss getting a second opinion on the claimed dementia of a Labour Peer currently accused of child abuse.

Now I am no conspiracy theorist, but for police, Crown Prosecution Service and assorted Civil Servants to trip over so many times stretches our credulity way past the limit.
There is an abscess in the tissues of the State, and our democracy cannot function transparently while so much energy is exerted by so many bureaucrats into concealing a pervasive and serious criminal culture.

It is up to us to press and lobby our MPs until the 20-odd powerful child abusers in Westminster are in the dock. They are not going to give up easily. But neither should we.


Dr Richard Lawson
Past Green Party Principal Speaker

I'm not complaining.Things always get edited. I edited the bit above to put in the link to the cover-up page of 

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