Tuesday, October 14, 2014

20 locations where health problems are associated with low level radiation around nuclear power stations

This is a list I compiled years ago, back in the days of pen and paper, when I began green activity with the anti-nuclear movement. I have not kept up with it, but have been refreshing my knowledge because I have been invited to speak to some Italian journalists who are coming to meet the Stop Hinkley campaign.
Here is a list of places where man-made radioactivity is associated with cancers. In every case, the nuclear industry will dispute the connection. Taken together, it is hard for them to deny that a pattern has emerged.

1. Leiston - 14 leukaemia cases near Sizewell A. Workers - 8 times the expected level.
2. Lydney - 6 cases near Oldbury & Berkeley
3. Dorset - cases near Winfrith
4. Southport near Springfields
5. Menai straits
6. Burnham - excess breast cancer cases &c
7. Hunterston in West Scotland, leukaemia 1975-81 double the expected rate
8. Chapel Cross
9. Chernobyl
10. Sellafield - four times more childhood leukaemias than expected.
11. Dounreay : leukaemia 1979-84 among under-25s within a 7 mile radius of the plant 10 x the national average
12. Aldermaston
13. Winfrith
14. Holy Loch
15. Rocky Flats
16. Nuclear workers prostate cancer (BMJ)
17. Downwinders : Nevada, Hanford,
18. Marshall Islands - after nuclear bomb tests.
19. Cap La Hague
20. Mainz study - double risk Leukaemia for children 5km from Nuclear Power Stations.

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