Monday, November 10, 2014

Jasna Badzak's case in a nutshell

Jasna Badzak
Lee Jasper has an excellent review of the case here, but as it is long, and life is short, I have summarised the case here. These cases get incredibly complicated, which puts people off from investigating them, hence this summary.

Jasna Badzak is a lady who worked for UKIP as Press Officer, for Gerard Batten MEP, until she read his extreme document that advocated a ban on Islamic banking and halal meat. She also makes allegations of a UKIP MEP expenses fraud.

Jasna made a formal complaint in March 2011 to the Metropolitan Police that Batten's Charter of Muslim Understanding and Dismantling Multiculturalism was a racist document, and therefore illegal. 

In May 2011 she provided the Met with evidence of expenses fraud, and later that month provided them with evidence that a senior UKIP officer possessed images of child pornography.

All here complaints went to Detective Sergeant Shaun Reardon, who took no action.

Jasna and her family began to suffer intimidation and harassment. She reported this to the Met, and again her reports were received by DS Reardon, who took no action. 

Feb 2012 she sought a restraining order against Batten in Court to try to stop the harassment. 

Det James Galvin, a UKIP and BNP supporter, attended Court, embraced Batten, and testified that the Met has not received any allegations against Batten. The Met later said Galvin had no authority to make this statement.

Oct 5th 2012 Batten made fraud allegations against Jasna Badzak.
She was arrested by Reardon and Galvin, but was so ill, she went to hospital.

Batten colluded with police officers so that they threatened a journalist who was about to write about Jasna and Batten.

She asked the police why her complaints had been ignored, while Batten's complaint against her had been swiftly taken up. The Met denied that Reardon and Galvin worked for them.

She was convicted in October 2013 of defrauding UKIP of £2500 in what she claims was a miscarriage of justice.  The charge was that she falsified a UKIP balance statement. Records show that only one second elapsed between printing a real and an amended statement, which casts doubt on the allegation.

April 2014 Met investigate Reardon and Galvin on conspiracy to pervert the course of justice charge. Outcome unknown.

July 2014 Jasna summoned to Charing X police station by DS Christopher Page to answer "serious charges" relating to "Twitter harassment" of Gerard Batten. This retweeting a link to an account of Batten's actions. Others who had retweeted the same link were not prosecuted.

Page said that he had not told Jasna to tweet about Batten, but she had taped him saying so.
Page is now under investigation.

UKIP is claiming that Jasna has a history of fraudulent activity in Eastern Europe. She denies this. This accusation may or may not be true, but it has no bearing on the facts of the case regarding the actions of Galvin and Reardon.

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