Thursday, December 18, 2014

Pfizer has no interest in helping to contain Ebola

Regular readers of the Mabinogogiblog (who will be rewarded in the next life if not in this) will remember that I am pressing for trials of several established medicines that might increase recovery rates in Ebola.

Simvastatin, commonly used to reduce cholesterol, is one such medicine. It was originally developed by Pfizer, but is now out of patent.

On 8/11/14  wrote politely to Pfizer asking for them to consider my proposal for a trial of their version of this drug, called Zocor.

Today I have had this reply:

Thank you for submitting your proposal to Pfizer. We appreciate your time but Pfizer will not be in contact for further discussion.
Pfizer Business Development

I don't know what you think, but I think this is rude, bone-headed and wrong.

This is Big Pharma saying, "We do not care that thousands are dying of Ebola, that thousands more may die. We are not interested in helping. We are not interested in expanding scientific knowledge. Just f*ck off".

I hope that Pfizer will come to revise this position.

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