Sunday, March 15, 2015

If you agree with these 14 points, you should vote Green

"Vote for what you believe in" is good advice.

It is after all what democracy is all about; expressing the will of the people.

So if you agree with these 14 points you should seriously consider voting Green on May 7th :


  1. People need a healthy living environment in order to be healthy and happy
  2. If we continue to take more than our environment can supply, or put out wastes faster than the environment can deal with them, then first our environment, and then we ourselves, will become unhealthy.and unhappy
  3. We must therefore change from the present economy to a economy that is sustainable
  4. In doing so, we will create enough jobs for everyone
  5. We will also create a more equal society, which will also be a happier and healthier society
  6. It makes financial sense to avoid a major ecological crisis, so Money must serve people and planet, not the other way round
  7. There is much corruption in Westminster that must be cleaned out

  1. We must create sustainable jobs
  2. The NHS must stay public
  3. A Living Wage is fair
  4. Railways must be renationalised, buses supported
  5. Tuition fees must go
  6. Nuclear weapons  must go
  7. Investment makes better sense than Austerity 

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