Thursday, March 12, 2015

Local needs Manifesto for Weston Constituency

This is my local manifesto for our area

Richard Lawson Green Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Weston super Mare
If elected to Parliament I will :
1 Persuade the DWP to allow a pilot in the constituency that enables people on Job Seekers Allowance to take their benefit into work with them as a wage subsidy, if the work is of benefit to society and/or environment.
This Facebook Page explains.
2 Use some of the labour released by this means to smarten up the region, by “painting the anything that doesn’t move”. A tourist area must look attractive.
3 I will fight to stop the corruption within Westminster, both financial and regarding VIP child abusers. See my site
4 Review the many local drug treatment centres – to make sure they are giving effective treatment.
5 Support Weston hospital and local health services. The employment scheme will improve morale and health generally, but public education about how to use the NHS will help. There are many other things WGH can do to save money without damaging patient care, among them, energy issues.
6 Help the Birnbeck Pier campaign, especially to support the use of a tidal current mill by the pier.
7 I will vigorously protect our countryside and wildlife.
Richard Lawson

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