Saturday, March 28, 2015

One in 10 MPs prefers it in used notes

Pursuing the topic of corruption of our Parliament, I have been wondering what proportion of MPs were implicated in the 2009 MP expenses scandal.

So I counted them up from this page. I found 68 MPs and 2 "Lords". There are 650 MPs, and so the 68 fiddlers come to 10%  of the total of MPs.

This is important, because people tend to say "I'm not voting because they are all in it for themselves". These figures show that only 10% of MPs are blatant, proven fiddlers. Not all. Of course, of those not caught in the expenses scandal, more may be involved in corporate lobbying and directorships, and all political parties receive substantial donations. Including the Greens, though we greens believe that big donations should be banned, and parties funded through taxation in proportion to their votes.

Anyway, the point is that only one in 10 MPs is a money grubbing venal low life.
I hope that helps to restore confidence in our Parliamentary democracy.

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