Sunday, May 14, 2017

We need to think about Nuclear War

There is a good reminder of the unacceptability of nuclear war on Gris Anik's blog. He lists the more salient effects: Blast, EMP, radiation, Nuclear Winter, effects on the world's 440 nuclear power stations, and problems of basic survival. Actually using nuclear weapons (and vicar's daughter Gwendoline has promised to be the first to use our WMD) would be a major disaster that would put human civilisation to an end.

So the next question is: is nuclear war going to happen? Nuclear deterrence believers will respond to this post by saying "There. You see? War would be so bad it's unthinkable. No rational man would start a nuclear war". 

And there we have it. We have not one, but two irrational, nuclear armed leaders - Donald Trump and Kim Yong-Un. We also have survived  a long series of nuclear near-misses mainly involving technical errors. Combine the two aforesaid idiots, some geopolitical tension, and another technical glitch in the Defence IT department and - boom. Goodbye world.

We need to hammer home the message: nuclear deterrence is just deferred terrorism. Nuclear deterrence can make the transition to nuclear war. Nuclea rwar is unacceptable. Therefore the international community must put an end to nuclear deterrence.

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