Friday, May 26, 2017

Weston s Mare election Hustings - fracking

There is an election hustings in Weston College (Knightstone) tonight, 7pm. I have put in a question on malnutrition already, so this one is going spare for anyone who is going:

Fracking licenses have been granted in our area. Fracking causes serious pollution of ground water and air, and has been connected with health effects in animals and humans. Fracking causes earthquakes, yet despite this it has been licensed in the vicinity of Hinkley Point Nuclear Power Station in Somerset. Fracking would cause industrial structures to be built our countryside, and entails numerous daily movements of large lorries, yet if landowners refuse to allow it on their land, their wishes can be overridden. The Conservative election manifesto includes plans to make fracking "permitted development" which means that fracking companies to not have to apply for planning permission, our elected so local government would have no say.

Above all, fracking will make climate change worse.

If elected, will you oppose or support fracking in our constituency?

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