Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Is the USA on the way to becoming a fascist dictatorship?

It is clear from events in Charlottesville, and the way that Trump initially shied away from condemning the fascist terrorist,   that the USA is slowly creeping towards fascism. Trump is showing 10 out of 14 symptoms of real fascism. If he starts closing down the free press, he is within 3 points of qualifying as a bona fide fascist dictator.

Will he go all the way? It is hard to believe that the population of the US would allow this to happen. Despite all their faults, they are a freedom loving people - or so they say, constantly. Is it possible that they could fall for fascism? Is it possible that the world could fall for fascism a second time in 90 years? IN the 1930s fascism was a new phenomenon. Surely we have enough intelligence to learn from the Second World War?

It is possible that Trump will become a dictator, but only if we the US people choose to allow it to happen. It is decision time for them, and also for us. What do we have to do? There are a mass of things we should do to help stem the drift to the right, but I guess the first thing is to write to our MPs demanding that Trump's state visit to the UK be cancelled, backing up Vince Cable's call for same.

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