Monday, November 20, 2017

Will Brexiteers apologise if Brexit does damage to our nation?

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As a Remoaner, I predict that Brexit will do Britain great economic, social and ecological harm.
As a human, I could be wrong.
So. If, as a result of Brexit, say over the next 10 years, Britain does OK economically; 
if our exports go up, if we develop full employment in a green, sustainable economy, if crops and fruit get picked, if our nurse and doctor numbers hold up, if our scientists stay here and flourish, if no major damage is done elsewhere to the fabric of our society, if Britain becomes a happier, more equal nation, showing a generous and peaceable spirit,

then yes, I will gladly apologise to every Brexiteer.
And I will continue to work for a happier Britain in a happier world, whatever happens.
Now, will you Brexiteers be prepared to stand up and make a public apology if Brexit turns into a Dog's Brexit, an economic, social and ecological mess? 

Will you?


Anonymous said...

Dear England, land of 'sorry' and 'please do' and 'hello love! How are you?', land of soft spoken apologies your traditional politeness seems to be ebbing... So much so that I find an Englishman lamenting its fragility, doubting its survival...

I too have noticed how much harder it has become for most politicians and more generally powerful professionals and buisnesmen to apologise. Maybe they sense that if they do, they will loose face and be in the dock for a long time...
Catherine Moore

DocRichard said...

Hi Catherine,
It's true, people tend not to say sorry, in case it is used in evidence against them in Court. On the other hand, the absence of an apology can create resentment that pushes the situation towards the lawyers. So our society gets more abrasive, and the legal system becomes ever more cluttered up with litigation that could have been avoided by a little politeness.

But politicians...even on the rare occasions that they do apologise, it is usually qualified, as in "If my words did offend somebody because they were misinterpreted and taken out of context..." What they really mean is, "I'm sorry I got found out".

A bientot