Friday, June 14, 2019

Will a Johnson premiership bring about a General Tea Break?

Boris Johnson is a bumbling fool, a serial liar, an uncontrollable maker of gaffes, a failure pf a Foreign Secretary, and is now in pole position to be selected, by an electorate that amounts to about 0.2% of the whole electorate - to be our next Prime Minister.

Johnson is the Eton version of Trump. He is manifestly unsuitable to be Prime Minister. especially one charged with the delicate task of taking us out of the EU.

This is clearly a ludicrous and unacceptable situation, yet the BBC is reporting on it as if it represents some kind of normality.

If Johnson does end up being selected, there will probably be demonstrations, but demonstrations are not enough.

A General Strike would be correct response to the selection of Johnson as Prime Minister.
A countrywide strike that would continue until Johnson was deselected, and Parliament agrees to a radical overhaul of our constitutional arrangements, starting with the nonsense arrangements that put Johnson in place, but also ending our absurd First Past the Post electoral system and setting up a proper written constitution.

A General Strike would be effective, but the people are not yet ready for it. 
They may be ready after a few months of PM Johnson,  but by that time the damage will be have been done.
Therefore, if the great British public is too sedated by reading the Mail to go for a General Strike in order to remove Johnson,  let us at least make a start with a General Tea Break.

Here's how it would work:

Every Friday morning (in order to back the School Strike for Climate) at, say, 11 am, anti-Johnson activists (along of course with Climate Change activists, anti-austerity activists and anyone else who is dissatisfied with the present state of political affairs) meet up at work at the water cooler or someplace, and talk about the situation for 5 minutes. That's all. Talk about Johnson for 5 mins. 

If anyone comes along, they say  "Hello, we are just discussing the Johnson. What do you think we should do about him?"
After 5 mins they get back to work. 

As numbers on the General Tea Break increase, the 5 minutes slowly extends to 15 minutes and more.
If management comes and says "Why aren't you at your stations?" the response is 

"We are talking about Johnson. He is going to wreck this country, do you not agree? We were just going back to our stations, but since you are here, we would like to know what you think? Do you think it will end up with a General Strike?"

Management will get the idea, as soon as they realise it is happening in other companies. They will realise we are tooling up for a General Strike. Business will have a word with the Treasury, which will then have to calculate on the economic costs of a General Strike. The Treasury could ask Johnson to leave No 10 Downing Street, leaving the key under the mat.

It is the Thin End of the Wedge. The thing is, it is so small (5 minutes, growing) that waverers will be encouraged to join. As more and more participate, it could go viral. The beauty of it is, if people are not sure and come up to question the General Tea Breakers, they become part of the action.

I cannot promise that this will stop Johnson in his stride, but it is worth a go. 

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