Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Oiling the Saucepans of Eccentricity

I was planning to write a bit about an interesting case of TATT syndrome, but an email from Jane Taylor of Positive News via David Weston diverts me.

Using the Freedom of Information Act, the Sierra Club has extracted evidence to support the view that Bush was planning to lay his hands on Iraqi oil way back in 2001.

This is of course yawnworthy stuff to anyone who does not believe the official script of anything at all. What is frightening is that all it took in the UK was for Mr TB to utter the words "Conspiracy Theory" in connection with the oil motive for the Iraq war, and nearly all public discussion on that possibility closed down completely - apart of course from a tiny number of boneheaded conspiracy theorist ignoramuses such as Sheikh Yamani.

One of the techniques used by the people of Eastern Europe to throw off the shackles of the old regime was to lean out of their windows and bang saucepans every day at 6 o'clock, to drown out the lying 6 o'clock news broadcasts. Tempting though this tactic appears at first sight, I do not think it would work here, (a) because not enough people realise the extent to which we are being lied to, and (b) because 24-hour news bulletins mean that we would have to go about banging saucepans all day long.

Which might come across as a little eccentric.

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