Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Wham! Pow! Lutte!!!

Last Friday the Guardian editorial mentions en passant that nuclear power produces no CO2. I replied with an adapatation of the letter in "Not as simple as that, John" (see Friday 10th). Nothing in Monday's Guardian so I assumed it had been spiked, but Pete Roche (energy consultant, ex-Greenpeace nuclear campaigner) e-mails today having seen my letter. So I trot over to Morgan's shop (more on that later) and get a Guardian (60p, one dead tree, nothing in this life comes free) turn to letters page while walking back to read Dr David Lowry on the cost and time lag of a new nuclear programme, a Prof and Dr from ICL claiming that to clad the walls of on fifth of houses in the UK would produce as much as current nukes at a fraction of the cost, and my contribution on the CO2 balance of nuclear power.

All good stuff, but the nukers have moved ahead of us because they have got it into the heads of the commentators that nuclear = answer to global warming. Commentators like simplicity, not complexity. Ah well. La lutte continua.

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