Monday, January 17, 2005

Compared to Somalia, even England looks democratic...

Get email from Ali Said Omar Ibrahim, the Chair of the Centre for Peace and Democracy in Somalia. Trying to set up peace and democracy in a place torn to shreds by war and lawlessness.

An Bhaghdad Rose writes today (see link to right) About the elections. I still wish to participate in it and I still think about it everyday, should I go? what if I die? who will raise my daughter after me and her father, we will go together.

Makes you realise that even living under Tories and New Labour is better than living in a country without law.

Not enough people know that "Tony Blair, a PM" is an anagram of "I am Tory Plan B".

Years ago, we wanted to run an election under the slogan, "Vote Green, they are better than a pack of mad yaks". The vicar, who was about to print our leaflets, though not a good idea. I suggested "No matter who you vote for, the Government always get in. So vote Green, they never get in." The local party thought that was a bit negative.

In Britain, the best we can do is to laugh about politics. For Ali and Rose, there is not much to laugh about. But the neo-cons may be about to wipe laughter out of politics in the West, unless they fall over. I think they will fall over.

I wish the Green Party could do something to help the Centre for Peace and Democracy. Have sent Ali's letter on to the GP discussion list. FWIW.

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