Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Index of Governance meme

Yesterday evening, instead of skater hockey, went to North Somerset Amnesty International group to present the Index of Governance . Eleven good people there (out of a population of 199,000)who are prepared to sacrifice their evenings in working to get political prisoners and torture victims out of prison. The presentation was well received mainly, but I was surprised to learn that most AI members had not heard of the Amnesty/Observer Index of Human Rights, so I have to start further back. And had to clarify my intent, which is to get the Index adopted by AIUK, then AI itself, together with the UNA, as preparation for adoption by all green/peace/human rights NGOs, in preparation for pressing for its adoption by the UN itself.

That's all.

Richard Dawkins has a useful concept of the meme, a mental gene which passes from mind to mind, multiplying like a virus, until it passes from being strange to being common sense.

This is the Index of Governance meme:

Before the UN resorts to the use military force against “rogue” states that are abusing the human rights of their citizens, it needs to have in place a non-violent system that disables oppressive regimes. The Index of Governance will measure objectively the human rights performance of all states at UN level, and will set a tariff of targeted sanctions designed to disempower the ruling elite of states that abuse the human rights of their citizens.

Remember - you read it here first.

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