Thursday, January 13, 2005

Patient Choice, Listeners Choice

I switch off the PM radio programme when a Government minister is talking about the new NHS computer (cost: £36,000,000,000 - about 6 Iraqi invasions -) and "Patient Choice" - a fatuous scheme where the GP helps a patient choose which hospital they should go to for their operation.

I got £15 from the Sun newspaper for this letter.

I would like to express my fury that today the Tory and Labour parties are prattling their fantasies about "patient choice" when to all intents and purposes out here in the real world my patients have no acess to meaningful services in child and adult psychiatry, nor to reasonable cardiology services nor 1001 other simple basic secondary care services within reasonable time. Whom the gods wish to destroy they first make mad.

Switching off is the only weapon we have in the end. Why do we listen to the news and buy the newspapers? It only encourages them.

Dont let them fool you all the time - Make April 1st No-News Day.

So it has come to this. I used to switch off Tory Ministers all the time.

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