Wednesday, January 12, 2005

What's right with Bush?

Something interesting has come up on the Monbiot Discussion List

Karen: I've been wondering what "good" argument could possibly be made for Bush.

RL: (that's me) This is a very important point. A deep rift is opening up in the political sphere between those who feel that bush is self evidently a Good Thing, and we who think he is self evidently a Bad Thing. Not all of the Bush Good group are totally stupid. In an ideal world we should go out and try to understand our opponents' line of reasoning, because understanding is always good. Has anyone on this list actually registered the Bush Good arguments?

Now do not get me wrong - I am not going soft on the shrub. But I do want to understand the opposition, not just deride them. So if anyone knows of any concise arguments in favour of Dubya, hit the Comment button, and we will have ourselves a debatitude. Thanks.

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