Sunday, January 02, 2005

Vilanelle for Tsunami Survivors

Do not search hopelessly among the wreck;
not here, among the stench and sticks,
for those who left this heaviness behind.

They do not grieve, except for us
caught in the tangle of a broken paradise.
We search for what is not there in the wreck.

There is a mess of wood and broken stone
of silver bone and fertilising flesh.
They have done well to leave this weight behind.

They rise above a dark chaotic mass
moving to lightness from a hard, heart breaking work:
You will not find them here among the wreck.

For them the fear of death is in the past
from height they see the gasping shade of dark.
Their burden's gone; their being has grown light.

Look for your life among those who survive.
Wait patiently to meet the ones you seek.
Do not look now for them among the wreck -
for they have left their heaviness behind.

(c) Richard Lawson
Shaw, Wiltshire

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