Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Phew, and Phew again

Just posted off two papers to serious journals. One to Medicine, Conflict & Survival, a piece on the Index of Governance, and the other, an overview of green economics, to the first issue of the International Journal of Green Economics.

Just like London buses, you go for years without writing an article for an academic journal, then two come along at once.

The only question is, can I replace the tattered old pages of my website with brand spanking fully referenced papers, or would that pre-empt publication and upset the editors?

There is publishing and there is weblishing, and nobody is sure how they relate to each other.

What next? An article on Terrorism, then the story of the Great Slaughter, and Croesa for the Tales of Stupi.

Johnson said "The man's a fool who writes for no pay". So all bloggers are fools in Johnson's dictionary.

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