Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Short of a full grumble

Our Primary Care Trust is 7 GPs short of a full grumble. Our own practice is finding it difficult to recruit a replacement for me, as it is a small (2) practice, and New Labour wants 10 or 20 doc practices - economies of scale - despite evidence that patients lose out on continuity of care and therefore quality.

Next April we are about to experience a country wide GP shortage which will throw new pressures onto AE and OP services.

The NHS is top heavy on is civil servants and managers. I am amazed that not one of the civil servants in Leeds has seen the coming demographic shift caused by the baby boomer doctors approaching 60 and therefore leaving the sinking NHS ship in bulk.

There should have been an expansion of medical student numbers in the late 1990s to meet this. Instead we are parasitising on the developing world.

[exit stage left, grumbling]

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