Friday, April 14, 2006

Threat to civilisation : Safely behind bars

The Editor
The Guardian [this one did not get in]

Thank God, we can all sleep safely in our beds now that Dr Malcolm Kendall-Smith is safely behind bars (RAF doctor sent to jail for refusing to serve in Iraq). Judge advocate Jack Bayliss has sounded the bugle that signals a reversal of the dangerous erosion of military discipline that began with the Nuremberg Trials sixty years ago. Those trials were the thin end of the wedge that could well have given currency to the ridiculous and impractical notion that service personnel have the capacity to make moral judgements. Where would we be if the military could question the wisdom or legality of the orders they are given? In no time at all we could find ourselves in a situation where wars became a thing of the past. The very thought is enough to make one lose one's grasp on reality.


Dr Richard Lawson

(NB Just to avoid any misunderstanding, this is an example of Irony )

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