Monday, April 17, 2006

Tristan, Isolde - and Ogrin the Hermit

Acknowledgements to eubank-web for the picture of Roche rock, above

I eagerly await the Tristan and Isolde (what's wrong with Yseult then?) film - not just because it is the greatest and most tragic love story the world has ever known, but because my epic poem, Ogrin and the Boy, is an account of the rehabilitation of Tristan and his Irish princess from the viewpoint of Ogrin, the hermit of Roche. There is a case to be made that the legend of Tristan was worked out around Fowey, in Cornwall. Of course, serious scholars pooh-pooh the identification of the place where Tristan fought the Irish Morholt, and Mark's castle, and Roche, and the forest. But then they thought Troy was legend until they dug it up. There is a stone in Fowey with Tristan's name on it. I am sorry if this offends the Welsh and the Picts, who also claim Tristan, but you cannot make an omelette without hurting a chicken somewhere along the line. Anyway who cares? It's a great story, and Ogrin had a nice place to live, if Roche is where he lived, and it is worth while seeing what he had to say for himself by taking a look here.

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