Friday, May 26, 2006

Bush, Blair, Bungling and Bombs

What a nauseating sight to see the two "leaders" of the Western world standing shoulder to well-tailored shoulder in front of the cameras admitting that they had fouled up in Iraq. Remember their arrogance as they informed the rest of the world before the war that they were right and everyone else was wrong to hold back from violence?

And remember that these two discredited politicians (each commanding the support of only one in three of their subjects) are plotting behind closed doors, against all reason, to intervene violently against Iran to prevent that priest-ridden from joining the elite club of fanatical believers in the efficacy and justifiability of Weapons of Mass Destruction of which Bush and Blair themselves are founder members?

Are we still obliged to obey such intellectually and morally corrupt leadership?
Or is the duty of civil disobedience beginning to stir its limbs?

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