Friday, June 09, 2006

Intelligence Services Oxymoron

The release of the two brothers in east London who were raided, "on good intelligence", arrested and shot for a suspected chemical terrorist plot confirms that the intelligence services were fooled. Since the arrestees were in fact distinctly moderate Muslims, and since another moderate mullah was also fingered as being a terrorist, there is a lesson to be drawn. It seem that our "intelligence" services are being targeted by Islamists who are systematically feeding them with disinformation aimed at discomfiting moderate Muslims who have displeased them.

This raised the need for the Green Party to develop policy on our "intelligence" services. Their status is intrinsically problematical, since they are non-transparent and therefore un-green. How are they to be better structured, funded, monitored and controlled? What are their positives and their negatives? How would a Green Government manage them? To what extent do they infringe on our democratic assemblies? Which organisations would we wish them to infiltrate, and which organisations would we wish them not to infiltrate? What legal action should we take if it turns out that we ourselves have been infiltrated?

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