Thursday, June 15, 2006

Let us not have nuclear armed terrorists, shall we? Article by Mohammed El Baradei:
The simplest way to produce an atomic explosion is to slam together two sizeable chunks of high-enriched uranium (HEU) in what is commonly called a "gun-type nuke". The approach might sound crude, and it is. No country currently uses this design for its nuclearweapons. But it is worth remembering two things. First, that it was an HEU gun-type nuclear weapon that killed more than 70,000 people at Hiroshima. Second, that terrorists tend to be less focused on elegance of design than on results. This brings us to a critical question: after nearly five years of living under the threat of sophisticated terrorism - and with clear signs of terrorists trying to acquire nuclear material through criminal networks - why are we still moving so sluggishly to get rid of global HEU stockpiles and to minimise civilian uses of HEU?

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