Monday, November 06, 2006

Rebuilding Rainforests, and taking Blair's Rattle away

The Permaforest Trust in Australia is setting about replanting a rainforest. People know all about rainforest destruction, how thin the soil is, and retain the message, "Once gone, that's it".

I hope that the Rainforest Trust can demonstrate that that is not it, and that it may play a big part of giving hope - and that is what people need most of all today.

Another hopeful message today comes from Chris Keene, who forwards a piece about the costs of renewing Mr Blair's beloved, very own Weapon of Mass Destruction, the Trident Doomsday Ecosystem Destroyer. All we have to do is take a vote in Parliament that democratically overthrows Mr Blair's insane scheme for world domination, and suddenly we have enough money to reduce our carbon emmissions.

The latest Trident costs, calculated by the Liberal Democrats based on
information extracted in parliamentary answers, suggest an overall
figure of £76bn to buy missiles, replace nuclear submarines, and
maintain the system for 30 years.

At present, emissions are still rising and the government allocates less
than £1bn a year to directly tackle climate change, despite saying it is
the most pressing problem in the world.

Yesterday, the environment secretary, David Miliband, played down the
need for greatly increased government spending to achieve cuts, saying
the market in emissions should contribute a lot, but scientists,
industry bodies and others suggested about £76bn could almost guarantee
emission reductions from 150m tonnes of carbon a year today to the
necessary level of around 60m tonnes by 2030.

That came from the Guardian: John Vidal, Tania Branigan and James Randerson
Saturday November 4, 2006

Some of the money can go to regenerating the rainforest.

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