Sunday, February 04, 2007

Evidence That Email Lists Cause Brain Damage Shock

I am beginning to realise that the research that found that reading emails disrupts ratonal thought as badly as smoking dope, and does it without the concomitant euphoria and relaxation, is correct.

I belong to various email lists, among them the policy community of a well known, if sorely marginalised political group. Here is a recent exchange, copied as it occurred, but slightly edited for clarity, and names have been changed to protect the innocent:

A All public services should have a suggestion box mechanism, with the proposer of successful reforms to receive a percentage of the savings made. Are there any objections to putting that in the new policy?

B I think the suggestion box is an excellent idea - desirable not just in
the civil service but many other large organisations.

C Do they take a cut in salary if they suggest something which proves unsuccessful?

D Like whoever suggested privatisation

E I would not support this at all – so yes I do object

F (leader of the group in all but name) yes, ditto me…lunacy.

So there we have it. Reasoning, a la e-mail list. So do I bale out, leaving them to influence policy unimpeded, or do I stay in, and keep trying? Difficult. Think I will go and do something real instead, like chopping logs.

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Mia said...

Email now is fetish for a lot people, they become addicted. Nobody could explain that email is one of many ways of communicate?
But when people are like sheep, is easier push them to be slaves ... And doctors have job, drugs stores sell... It is business story...