Friday, May 11, 2007

I heard About Iraq on Radio 4

I have just listened to "What I Heard About Iraq" on Radio 4.

An amazing, powerful poetic presentation of soundbites from the players. It was a restrained and artistic putting-together of a series of sound bites and quotations that created a history of the Iraq catastrophe, a prose-poem radio history of this terrible, huge, historic political mistake.

Some of the sound bites:

Iraqi Hospital Doctor: "Human beings are so frail [in face of] these weapons of war".
Distressed Iraqi: Saddam Hussein's greatest crime is that he brought the Americans to Iraq".

That says it all.

I'm sorry Tony, you meant well, but you got suckered by the Bush Administration. They took you in to their groupthink. You make a huge mistake. You will go onto the lecture circuit earning tens of thousands of pounds every time and rationalise your decision to groups of comfortable and well-fed like-minded people, but tens of thousand of humans will have to live with physical and emotional pain because of your mistake.

Your best bet is to claim that you have taught the world how not to get rid of WMDs and dictators.

Here's the right way to get rid of dictators: Index of Governance .
Here's how to get rid of WMDs: author broadcaster .

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