Sunday, August 26, 2007

Israel's apartheid, Palestine's suicides

When peace comes to the Middle East, it will come from both sides, in small steps at first, just as the conflict came, in small steps that inflamed the other side into taking bigger steps.

When death and unhappiness comes, it comes from both sides. Killing creates anger creates killing creates anger...and so on, not for ever, but until both sides become tired of bloodshed. How many corpses does it take before this tiredness comes?

Both sides can quote this atrocity from their side as being worse than that neccessary killing from our side.

Israel's bombs are bigger, but Islamic mullahs preach more hatred &c &c.

We can give way to confusion, and say it will never end, just as they did about Northern Ireland.

Or we can try to understand just one thing about Israel's attempt at apartheid.

Palestinian suicide bombers provoke the apartheid reaction, just as surely as a thorn under the skin will provoke inflammation and pus formation. The Israeli state has the task of trying to protect its people from attack. To fully protect against suicide bombers they have to segregate Palestinians and Israelis. Suicide bombers help the Israeli apartheid

I take no sides. I just want to see peace in the Middle East. I am in touch with a brave member of the Christian Peacemaker Team who is working in Israel. I know how the Palestinians are oppressed. I know how my Israeli friends feel.

The conflict is not the fault of one side or the other, it is a system, where each part affects the whole and the whole affects each part. Hatred is a form of misunderstanding, and creates more hatred. Understanding is an antidote to hatred. Someone has to start the process.

Can we start by understanding that suicide bombings can only make the Israeli apartheid worse?


yazan3bsi said...

I really get wondered how you mentioned killed Israeli settlers and ignored hundreds of killed Palestinian civilians.
I think you've affected by your friends in Israel. This is not an excuse for your partiality, and there are many Palestinian victims have friends in America and G.B... This should not change their minds toward this conflict. Truth is Truth..
You said that the Israeli military attacks against Palestinians came as self-defance or a "reaction", how could that be possible if Israeli occupation occurred years before the first Martyrdom Operation!!
If you observed the timing of most these operations, you will find that they are the reactions of Israeli acts, and not the vise versa..
I invite you to look at the issue objectively and impartially..
You can visit my blog and see some news and articles there..

DocRichard said...

I accept that Israel kills maybe 100 Palestinians for every Israeli that is killed. I accept that Israel is a newcomer to the area, that it founded its state on terrorism, that it has an expansionist policy, that it is doing ethnic cleansing, that it bombs civilians, that it is armed with nuclear weapons, that it is friends with George Bush, that it is ignoring about 60 UN resolutions, that the Wall is illegal and immoral and that there are many other bad things that the Israeli state is doing that I have not mentioned here; but still I think that the Palestinians and the Israelis whould do better to sit down and talk and work out a peaceful solution so that they can concentrate on building a sustainable economy in the Middle East, rather than keeping on with the fighting. What is the point of fighting? For every one Israeli killed by Hamas, 100 Palestinians will die.