Sunday, October 28, 2007

Israel cuts power to Gaza

On openDemocracy

Abdulksaida is a Palestinian, writing here

I understand her to be saying that Palestinians get called terrorists by western media, but they are only defending their right to live in the land that is now occupied by Israel.

Whatever our journalists may say, he definition of terrorism is the act of killing and injuring civilians, non-combatant men, women and children, for a political aim. Under this definition, it is clear that Israel, Hamas, and the UK and US are ALL guilty of terrorism. Israel UK and US are state terrorists, and Hamas are just ordinary terrorists; but in the end they all kill civilians to get their political aims.

Israel's current threat to cut electricity supply to Gaza is economic violence, it will hurt civilians, maybe kill some. It does not promote peace, build trust, or lead to any kind of a solution.
Hamas' (and other violent jihadis') rockets will hurt civilians, maybe kill some. They do not promote peace, build trust, or lead to any kind of a solution.

Both actions only serve to strengthen the passion of the extremists on the opposite sides. Extremists only see the wrongdoing of the other side, they cannot see that they are in a system, that is, that their actions create reactions, and that the end result of these actions and reactions is not good.

The OneVoice movement is where people of both sides have a non-violent approach.

I have heard innuendo against oneVoice, but I have seen no evidence to suggest they are not on the side of sanity.


Beyonder1 said...

Richard did you write a piece in 2004 for FOE called Is Nuclear Power the Answer to Global Warming? It addressed Lovelock and other theories. It is very good and clear. I would like to reprint it and post some or all of it to our Beyond Nuclear Web site. Sorry to post this to your blog but it is my only point of contact for you. Let me know. There are a few typos I'd need your permission to clean up also.

Linda Pentz Gunter

DocRichard said...

Hi Linda
has the long and the short of it. Of course you can use it. In fact I think I will stick the short version up on the blog.