Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Global Warming Evidence and Dingo Kidneys

I have just put up a brief 11-point page of evidence that global warming is currently happening.
in the (probably vain) hope that it will diminish the influence of the sceptics. Vain because the threat posed by AGW is so massive that 56% of the British public prefer to believe that it might not be happening. They are in denial.

I take the fact that 99% of scientists believe that AGW is real, but only 40% of the public believe it is real means that British journalism is a massive heap of dingo's kidneys, because it has failed in its primary task of communicating the truth to the people.

I know that this will upset some GP members, who believe (like NGOs) that we have to suck up to the media.

So I hereby declare that the dingo kidney policy is my own personal view, and not that of the Green Party.

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