Thursday, September 11, 2008

Feeling sorry for Gordon (or, Electoral Reform NOW!!)

I keep finding myself feeling sorry for Gordon, until I remind myself of his policies on nuclear power, Trident, the failure of NuLabour to bring about a convergence between the income rates of poor and the rich, his all-mouth-no-trousers approach to AGW, war, Afghan Opium, the Index of Human Rights, Bees, forestry, and so on. The only good thing I can think of about NuLabour is that their ministers are marginally less irritating than the Tories. At least NuLabour don't keep braying at us on the airwaves about how good they are.

And I do not really care if Cameron gets in. Not that I expect him to deliver on his green promises.

No matter who you vote for the Government always gets in (so vote Green, they (almost) never get in. Except for Caroline (and Adrian and Darren, he added quickly, staying on-message)).

In this land of historic democracy, the new PM is influenced by:
1 The Corporations
2 The Civil Service
3 The media
4 Europe
5 ..last and least, the electorate.

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