Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Remembrance: keep silence, and speak out

Remembrance Day. By all means let us speak well of the dead, but let us also speak ill of the decision makers who sent them to their deaths. Not just General Haig, but also the politicians who participated in the systemic decision that ended in the conclusion that war was the way to go. And not just the ones in distant history, but the war criminals like the General Laurent Kabila in the Congo, and the buyers and sellers of his bloodstained of his minerals, right down to we consumers who buy the electronic instruments that contain tantalum in their capacitors.

Not to mention the alleged war criminals Blair and Bush. Nor the idiot policy makers who keep our troops in Afghanistan on an impossible mission, without the protective armour they need, and who corruptly resist the obvious solution of buying the Afghan Opium and using it to relieve pain in developing countries.

By all means let us keep a respectful silence for the victims of war. But let us not keep silence on the idiots and criminals who create the conditions for them to become victims.

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