Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sunday Times video has G20 police in panic

Thanks to the immortal Banksy for the image.

Attack video has G20 police in panic - Times Online: "At 4.50mins in to this clip an officer is clearly seen smacking a protestor across the head with his shield. At 7.49mins in an officer punches a protestor in the face.

EVEN amid the background shouts and screams of the G20 protests, the crack of riot shield on skull is clearly audible.

It is the moment when an unidentified riot squad officer, his face half-hidden by a black balaclava and visored helmet, was filmed using a round shield to “punch” Alex Kinnane on the left temple."

All in all it's just another brick in the wall.

However, the caption says that the sound of the punches are clearly audible above the hubbub of the ction. Frankly I doubt it, and I suspect that the sounds will prove to have been added, which will divert attention from the reality of what the 2 police have done.

The associated Climate Camp footage on YouTube are educational too.

I see they are calling for a national debate on policing. Yes, sure, and then a Royal Commission. Anything but political action to filter out the fascists and bring the police back under control so that they act as servants, not masters, of the people.

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