Thursday, May 28, 2009

Obama Appeal by Tamil hunger striker

Obama Appeal: "Tim Martin, a former aid worker and the Campaign Director of Act Now, is on an indefinite hunger strike outside Parliament, London since Monday 18th May. Tim is calling upon US President Obama to intervene in the crisis in Sri Lanka and has presented a clear list of demands to protect the civilian population from further devastation. Tim’s full letter to the American president was delivered to the American Embassy on the first day of his hunger strike.

Tim has lived and worked as an aid worker in the northern region of Sri Lanka, the area where the conflict has been taking place, and seen the scale of the mistreatment of Tamils firsthand. Even though the war is now over thousands of lives are still at risk, thousands of innocent civilians and POWs are currently not receiving proper medical treatment and if emergency treatment is not made available in the immediate future thousands more civilians will die."

Please sign. Just fill in your details and click - your details will be entered on the form automatically.

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