Wednesday, June 03, 2009

LibDenvy with Greens

Thanks to Aurea Mediocritas for this:
As you know the Ashley ward is a keen contest between the sitting Lib Dems and the rising Greens, and as a result much canvassing is being done by both sides and this often generates a thirst.
The Farm is a pub in the St Werburgh's area of Ashley with a nice beer garden perfect for catching the late evening sun, and after a hard evening's canvassing the Lib Dem team including Bristol West MP Steve Williams took themselves to the pub to quench their need for liquid refreshing. Before doing so, they decided that they would remove their nice yellow rosettes - for reasons known only to them. Whilst at the bar waiting to be served their drinks, they were interrupted by the sound of applause from the aforementioned beer garden. What could have caused this?
One can only imagine their dismay on discovering that the Green Party canvassing team had also chosen to drink at The Farm and, on entering the beer garden proudly displaying their Green rosettes, had been met by a spontaneous outburst of applause and support from the pub's customers.
The Lib Dems quickly drank up and quietly left.

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