Thursday, June 04, 2009

Why vote Green? 17 reasons

  1. Because all humans are green at heart, it just becomes overlaid with a bunch of learned misconceptions.
  2. Because it is not a good idea to saw off the branch on which you are sitting.
  3. Because the best place to defecate is in the composting toilet, not in the bed.
  4. Because Green MEPs top the list for transparency and cutting waste.
  5. Because sustainability can only happen with equity.
  6. Because Greens put principles before self-interest.
  7. Because the future has to be Green, or it is not a future.
  8. Because economics should be based on ecology.
  9. Because it is impossible to expand forever into a finite space
  10. Because it is impossible to take forever from a finite resource
  11. Because everything on Earth is interconnected
  12. Because the Green New Deal+ is the way to go
  13. Because we take no money from big corporations
  14. Because we want to save the human, as well as all other endangered species
  15. Because we can see that militarism is an institutionalised form of paranoia
  16. Because the Green vote makes the other parties green up their act
  17. Because voting Green is better than voting for a pack of mad yaks, or not voting at all

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