Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Afghanistan: Buy the Opium, then emerge successfully

Afghanistan is all over the news. The peace loving Left want us out because it is mad. The families of the soldiers want us out because there is a 10% chance of mutilation or death for the squaddies. The Daily Mail even want us out, because they hate Labour.

The only problem is that Taleban want us out so they can carry on where they left off, oppressing women, and banning kite flying and any other form of innocent enjoyment. Possibly they would also give lebensraum to Al Quaeda, which would make NATO look a bit silly. Well a lot silly.

So Government will not bow to the pressure to quit, will just keep on keeping on, hoping that something will turn up.

And in all this mess, the EITR* is not discussed: buy the opium, win hearts and minds, defeat the Taleban, set up a democratic state, and exit stage left, mopping brow.

The Foreign Office is unwilling to even look at this option.

There are two possible reasons for this:
1) the Foreign Office is staffed by people who are unable to think logically.
2) the whole system is corrupted by drug money.

There may be other reasons, if anyone knows them, please add them.

*Elephant in the room.


weggis said...

You seem to have rather a lot of Elephants, Richard. Are you sure that someone has not been slipping you the odd hallucinatory drug?

DocRichard said...

Weggis, it's not hallucinations we are talking about here, but in an amazing "coincidence", Ryvita and butter.

Now do you believe?